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We are facing more security issues on our life routine.T.We know the spy technology commonly used for watching other person’s activities without any one knowing about it. Spy wireless camera is one of the same technologies as we have mentioned above. Spy Audio Video wireless Camera is one of its example. Using this device we can record audio data and video data in a long time period. When new technology is invented as per the requirement of the society or for the development of the human beings. We all knew that all technology related inventions are generally developed for a good purpose but if it is used for destruction purpose then it gives very drastic results.

Some Main salient features of Spy Audio Video Wireless Camera are given below:

1.    Built-in transmitters.
2.    Having a range of approx. 500 mtrs.
3.    Online recording system.
4.    Few minutes to install.
5.    You can view the current situation while you be outside by logging in to the internet.
6.    Choose your power supply according to your convenience.
7.    Frequency 50-60Hz.
8.    Sight 60 degrees.
9.    Night Vision range:  approx. 2 meters.
10.    Operating temperature:  -10 degree C to 80 degree C.
11.    Microphone range: 50m-150m.
12.    Receiver’s Receive frequency: 1.2 GHz.

Using a large sized camera was the trend at early time,but as the technology improved the size and quality of the camera are increased and used it for multipurpose. Spy wireless camera is also one innovation in this technology.  Well now a days the surveillance camera is used for security purpose or for monitoring notorious events like in cinema hall, restaurant etc. Early time spy camera are mainly used by the defense system but now days its very common to use such gadgets for own purpose.The wireless spy cameras generally capture the image from a small lens and then transmit to the receiver. The receiver then converts the given information into the reproduction of the image, where it can then be stored onto a hard disk. According to the capacity the range of the transmitter may become up to 30 miles are above.Now that are available with inbuilt memory storage. As we move in the technology advancement may be a day came when these signals and frequencies may cross half the world.

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