Wireless Digital Surveillance Camera in Delhi

I think every body has heard this famous quote “prevention is better than cure”. If we think about our security, this quote is mostly applicable in the modern world. Because we know that security issues are increasing day by day. So we have to find some remedies with regard to these situations. Installing security cameras are one of the best solutions for preventing our self from crimes. There are varieties of security cameras that are available in the market for this purpose. In this category wireless digital surveillance camera is one of the main devices to ensure both security and surveillance.
Wireless digital surveillance camera is one of the advanced security camera which uses wireless technology. We can use this camera for both indoor and out door applications. Before installing theses cameras we should keep in mind that which camera is more suitable in a particular situation. We know most of the people are technically not aware about these security cameras. They purchase this type of security cameras based on the idea that they get from other peoples like friend, neighbours,etc. So they don’t get the exact result from this device. Because, installing security cameras in correct manner plays an important role in its performance. So, the first step in installing a wireless spy camera is selecting the right camera and then identifying the right place to install it.

If we talk about wireless surveillance camera then we must discuss about its specifications. In here below mentioned some important specification about it.
• Handheld Wireless AV
• Receiver Model: WS-TFT28
• Frequency: ISM 2400~2483MHz
• Hopping Transmission Power: 100mW (20dBm)
• Modulation Mode: GFSK
• Display Element: 2.8 inch Color TFT LCD
• Resolution: 10~16 frames at 320*240(QVGA)
• Battery: Built-in 500mA Li-ion Battery
If we talk about the wireless digital surveillance camera then we can use it any where according to our requirements. Because as I mentioned above it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications and also its water proof technology protects the lenses and internal circuit from rain and moisture. So you don’t have to worry about its working and performance. If you want to check out latest spy wireless camera then you can purchase from our company which offers you these products at affordable price.


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