Advanced Spy Bluetooth Button Camera

Spy Bluetooth button camera is one of the latest spy gadget in the electronic field. As the word ‘button’ that mentioned in the device, which looks like a normal button. These cameras are more popular among journalists. They mainly use this button camera for recording videos without any one knowing about it.  We have seen a lot of videos in news about people who are involved in corruption cases. Have you ever thought about how they are captured in this videos? These are usually possible using spy button cameras.  

I have already mentioned above that journalists are the main users of such products like spy button cameras. It is more popular among them because of its button shape and its easy to use. We know that in the modern media world, competition between media channels are increasing. Hence the journalists try to find latest news for viewers. In such situation they use the button  camera for secret shooting. We know that each and every one likes to watch latest news. So they have to do such spy activities for increasing their channel rating.

If we talk about its working, the button shape of this camera is its specialty. This camera connected to a wireless receiver using Bluetooth. The 420 line CCD camera helps to capturing the video in crystal quality. The data that from the camera reach to the receiver. Its long lasting battery back up helps to record video for a long time. In here below describing some important specification of Spy Bluetooth Button Camera.
·         1) Frequency: 1060 1100 1140 1180 MHz/1080 1120 1160 1200 MHz/1240 1280 1320 1360 MHz
·         2) Transmit Power: 35dBm
·         3) Output Ohm: 50O
·         4) Video Input: Analog AV signal
·         5) Audio Input: 0.1~1.0
·         6) Working Voltage: 12VDC600mA Modulate
·         7) Method: FM Modulate
·         8) Bandwidth: 40MHz
·         9) Video Standard: PAL/NTSC
·        10) Working Temperature:-20~+55°C
·        11) Working range: open area 2000 meters
·       12) With interfere: 500 meters

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